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So it feels harder & harder to get here. Part of it is that I’m an antsy pants, probably ADHD undiagnosed, busy body girl who finds it hard to sit…for any period of time. There’s surely something else that I need/should be doing even right now that doesn’t involve sitting. Anybody feeling a Martha here?

Then when I actually do get here I feel frozen…what should I say? Why does anyone really care what I say? Who wants to bother to read it? They are all busy too. Maybe my mom would like to see pictures… Then I start to type & the kids come in to see what I’m doing & want to talk or suddenly want me to read them a book. So, if you really do want updates, I’m sorry.

The kids & I went to IN to visit family & friends there over Will’s fall break about a week & a half ago. It was fun (& strenuous). 😉 Here are some pictures:
Pumpkin farm near Vincennes:





Grandma & Grandpa Robison’s farm:


Playing in the hay mound:


Playing with cousins:



Then we came home & I fell into a heap. I had started a cold before leaving for IN & when we got back it hit me hard. Knocked me flat for nearly a week. I felt terrible. Not sure if it was because I wasn’t as recovered from summertime surgeries as I thought or what. The worst was the coughing. Coughing SO hard that you feel like you will bust out a spinal disc or burst through the incision on your head. Ugh. So glad that part is over. Now if I can get rid of the lingering sharp pain in my left rib cage that occurs with coughing or sneezing or taking a deep breath. Wowzers. It’s serious.

I feel like I am fully recovered from surgeries. Except my voice. It’s fine to talk, but singing isn’t very pretty. (Not that it was very pretty before.) But I would love to be able to sing, match pitch & harmonize again with my husband. It’s special to us. To be able to make a joyful (not wretched-sounding) noise in praise to our Lord together. That would be lovely. 🙂

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