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It’s been awhile since I’ve forced myself to sit long enough to send an adoption update. I’m sorry. The good news is, I’ve been paper chasing! There are seemingly mountains of paper to climb to get to an adopted child. We haven’t reached the top, but are persevering towards it!

This past Friday we had our home visit with our local social worker who is conducting & writing our home study report. The home study report (from what I can tell) is an in-depth picture of our family painted with words-our history, parenting styles, marriage, work, hobbies, etc. We have had to gather & create many documents as part of it. (ie birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical exam documents, police background checks, home fire marshall inspection, application, written essays, etc, etc…) We were advised that our home study report will be written in maybe 2 weeks. Then it will be sent to our adoption agency for approval.

Next is the application to adopt a foreign child. This application is through the US customs & immigration office. It’s filled out. I’m ready. But I can’t send it until I have a copy of the approved home study report because a copy of it has to go with it. Then we get to be fingerprinted.

At the same time & already, I am/will be working on documents for the dossier. The dossier is the formal application that will be sent to China to apply to adopt a child there. It includes several documents as well. Most all of the documents in the dossier have to go through a process of “sealing.” Generally the steps are for the documents to be notarized by a notary, certified by the Secretary of State where the document originated (ps-Indiana rocks for this-in my quick scan of the list of states, it was the only one I saw that doesn’t charge for that service!), then authenticated by the Chinese embassy. That equals a lot of passing back & forth by car or mail & several fees. Sigh.
-this is sort of the “big” one. The it’s-hard-but-we-can-persevere step. Lots of very strict requirements for all documents & procedures. Already feeling anxious that I’ve messed up on some part somewhere. One of the anxiety provoking factors is that the Chinese embassy will not accept any documents with any dates that are more than 6 months old. That means we have 6 months from October 1st (I believe) to have it all there. That seems like plenty of time & might be, but it’s hard to judge because so much of it is out of our hands-sending things off & waiting {patiently} for it to be completed & mailed back.

So if you’d like to pray for us over this process, we would be so appreciative.
-that we’d follow the paper chase appropriately & in due time
-that we would trust The Lord in all things grand (like that our daughter is safe & being well taken care of til we get her) & small (like IL will send us Nick’s birth certificate soon {that we ordered several weeks ago now}).
-that I would continue to get hours at work consistently & we would be able to pay the fees as they come.
(This is a tricky place for me-reconciling my knowledge of my Lord’s provision & the responsibilities he also calls me to. Sometimes they feel at odds. Sometimes in harmony, but those are just feelings. Lead me Lord.)

Must go to bed. Thanks for your prayers & support & encouragement! We are thankful for you!

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