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Sunday felt like a joyful, beautiful spring day…in February, so it obviously couldn’t last. But we enjoyed the day & soaked it up as best we could. We took a picnic & flew kites at the big green lawn on the VA campus after church. Here’s a couple pics…



Then in the afternoon, some sweet friends hosted (what we have come to call in our house) a “girl party” in support of our upcoming adoption. “Girl party” for us refers to just that-parties where typically just girls are invited-like bridal showers, baby showers & “shopping” parties like this one. The girls had Betty Ann’s Creations for sale (delightful handmade doll clothes, baby items, etc), lovely Matilda Jane Clothing (clothes for girls & women) & Noonday Collection (jewelry & accessories made by vulnerable people groups in poverty situations-mostly in other countries). And all to support bringing our little girl home. It was a joyful gathering. “Grandma Becky” was in attendance & had a fun activity for the little girls at the party-decorating rice Krispy dolls.



On the way home from the party, Clara & I discussed the fun we had had at the party. She said she did have lots of fun, but she appeared rather melancholy. I asked her why. She responded, “I just wish our sister would come soon.”

All in God’s timing my dear. Lord grant us patience.

I was cleaning out the closet in the bathroom a couple weeks ago. Throwing stuff out, organizing. When I came across these two old lipsticks.

Clearly they aren’t useful for wearing anymore-the one on the right is almost 11years old & the one on the left must be about 15 yrs old. I’m not a big lipstick wearer anyhow. So as I was cleaning out, I set them to the side but as many times before, I couldn’t quite throw them away. Why keep such old stale things that have no use? Well, memories I guess.

You see the one on the left I bought out of duty toward the beginning of my freshman year of college at dear old Purdue. It was the required matching lipstick shade of the Purduettes at that time when I was a “new woman” in the all women singing group. The shade is “Cover Girl Very Berry” or “Very Scary” as we used to jokingly call it because most of us were not used to wearing such a bright shade. Now I didn’t love the lipstick-it wasn’t particularly flattering to me, it was hard to wash off. But I did/do love the many people it reminds me of. The people that I met, the friends, the memories of growing into ourselves in the experiences college can bring.

The one on the right is the lipstick I bought to wear on my wedding day. While the day itself was lovely, it’s the memories of the journey of marriage & our covenant that makes it hard to throw this one away.

So I won’t. I’ll keep them (but not wear them-ick!)

What about you? What are you nostalgic about? What do you hold on to because of the memories it allows you to bring up in your mind & enjoy?

We in NE TN were the recipients of around 8 inches of snow in the past couple days. That’s a lot of snow for these parts (especially here in the valleys-not the mountains…) So I thought I’d share some pictures from our family’s frolics in the snow.

Our snowman family in front of our house:


One of the amazingly talented & determined citizens of our great neighborhood & a super cool neighbor, Mr. Atkins, & his extraordinary igloo. A first time experience for us:




And our “annual” family ski outing. This year to Beech Mountain, NC:






Beautiful day. Beautiful family memories. Beautiful gifts of love from our creator.

Today is the day my little girl turns 6.

She was a sweet baby



A sweet “little girl”



And a sweet 6 year old girl



A card from my parents for my own birthday nearly brings this sentimental momma to tears. It says:
“Parents do not realize when their daughter is a child how fleeting the moments truly are. And in the blink of an eye, the little girl who did pirouettes down the hall is dancing her way through her own life.”

What a joy & a blessing it is to have you for a daughter, our Clara Rose.

We love you so very dearly and we love your sister that God will place in our family that you have longed for & prayed for.
Xo, mom (for daddy too)

We received our USCIS approval paper in the mail yesterday. Today Fritz and I ran around and got it notarized & certified by the county clerk and mailed off to Nashville for the Secretary of State certification. When I get it back, I’ll mail it to the US Dept of State Document Authentication Office in DC for their stamp & then when I get it back from there, I’ll mail it off to the embassy in DC. Whew! Then that’ll be it for the dossier…(besides making a full set of copies without removing any staples, brads, etc & mailing it all to our a adoption agency for their look over & binding/translating) & then off it will go to China!

Please join me in praying for that last document to get back quickly from Nashville & to/from its first DC stop so that we can get it to the embassy by April 1 without the expense of using a courier.

Also, a prayer for health in our household would be much appreciated.

Thanks. A lot.

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