We received our USCIS approval paper in the mail yesterday. Today Fritz and I ran around and got it notarized & certified by the county clerk and mailed off to Nashville for the Secretary of State certification. When I get it back, I’ll mail it to the US Dept of State Document Authentication Office in DC for their stamp & then when I get it back from there, I’ll mail it off to the embassy in DC. Whew! Then that’ll be it for the dossier…(besides making a full set of copies without removing any staples, brads, etc & mailing it all to our a adoption agency for their look over & binding/translating) & then off it will go to China!

Please join me in praying for that last document to get back quickly from Nashville & to/from its first DC stop so that we can get it to the embassy by April 1 without the expense of using a courier.

Also, a prayer for health in our household would be much appreciated.

Thanks. A lot.