Sweet Katie Ann survived her first trip to the pediatrician. Bless their hearts-the staff really were great…it’s just a lot to catch up on. 

She weighed in at 21 lb 14 oz & was 30.5 in long. That put her in the 25th percentile for size for kids her age. 

She is of course delayed in her development & we have already got the ball rolling to start therapies. 

And before we left she received a finger stick blood “draw” to check blood work, a TB skin stick & 3 immunization shots in her sweet chubby thighs. Poor baby was SAD and so was I.  We go back tomorrow to have her TB test read. And we go back again in 4 weeks for more shots & again 8 weeks after that for another shot…and THEN we’ll be caught up. 

She seemed fine today though. But last night’s sleep had some interruptions and I’m gonna blame it on the shots. 

We did have one small victory today-she took a whole bottle of half apple juice, half water. We have worked on that for a while. Every time she’d see that the bottle wasn’t white, but clearish, she’s push it away. Refusing to even put her lips on it to try it. And she’s been struggling with constipation so we really want her to drink some water. 

If you’d like to pray for us-we’d love prayer for Katie Ann’s water intake to improve & her tummy to adjust to our food, for continued good rest, patience for teaching her things & continued bonding & attachment. (That is going well by the way!) 🙂 

Thanks friends!