I already thought of things I forgot…

Like the Tegu blocks pocket set is a great travel toy. Has its own pouch. Magnetic blocks with a variety of ideas online for different things to build with a set. My boys especially liked them. 

Here’s a picture of some building ideas with the Tegu blocks:

A cheap pack of glow sticks were a big hit one night in China. The kids passed them out to several kids along the way. Neat intercultural interactions. 🙂

Also-if you are traveling to a place (like China) that has different style bathrooms than we do-make sure you pack the lil travel toilet paper!!! You’ll be SO glad you did!

If you are traveling with children that will be drinking from bottles or sippy cups…one product that I used daily (not on the flight days-the days we were staying in hotels) was a travel dish drainer with bottle brush made by Oxo. (I also packed a tiny bottle of dish soap) So all folded up it looks like this:

And unfolded:


And with the brush twisted together:


It worked really great for us!

I forgot to mention that also in the kids’ backpacks were their travel journals. Only Will & Clara had them as Fritz isn’t quite to the stage of being able to write. They were pretty cool lil journals. The kids wrote an entry for everyday (sometimes lengthy & exuberant & sometimes short & to the point)… 😉 There were also places for them to write at the beginning a little bit about where they were going & how they were getting there, etc. 

 So the kids’ only carry on was their backpack. Nick & I each had a rolling carry on bag & our personal item bag (computer bag for N & big purse for me). On the way home we also had the diaper bag as our airline allowed that for a lap ticket. In my rolling carry on I packed one change of clothes, 2 pair clean unders & a pair of pj’s for everyone. I also had a small pack of about every kind of wipe you can imagine-make up remover wipes, baby wipes, flushable wipes, Clorox wipes & antibacterial wipes for hands. Good grief-overkill! 

For the trip through security….Nick was in charge of electronics. For the U.S. flights we didn’t have to remove the iPad’s from the kids’ bags, but we did have to for the in-China flights. I had all the liquids for the kids & I which barely half-filled a quart bag. We also tried to keep things simple in wearing comfy, easily removable shoes, layers, no belts & minimal to no jewelry. I don’t believe we actually ever had to take our shoes off. 

I brought a chapter book to read to Fritz but we didn’t get very far into it. I must’ve not picked very well because he quickly lost interest. 

Nick’s tip is to at some point skip while holding hands with your child through the airport. 🙂 We really enjoyed our kids. Most of it was really awesome…they are fun & cool people to hang out with. I bet yours are too. Go ahead-take them with you. Watch them grow & learn. And enjoy every minute of it. 🙂