Today marks one month that Katie Ann has been in our family. One month ago she was a child waiting for a family to love & to be loved. I think about the other children we saw at her orphanage that were still waiting. And I wonder about them. Are they still waiting? I bet some of them have families coming. Do they all? And honestly I sorta wanna protect my heart from hurting…to think & hope they all have families. But daggonit. Reality. But there’s hope! Maybe more families will choose to go & adopt them! Maybe it’s you?… 

Adoption is not glamorous. It is not easy. It is not quick. It is not cheap. It costs lots of time & lots of money & lots of effort. But it is beautiful. It is an experiential picture of redemption. And I am so grateful for our family’s journey through adoption thus far. 

This is a picture that was taken on Katie Ann’s Gotcha Day. 

I’d love to tell you that we were immediately attached. But that wasn’t the case for us. In all raw honesty-Nick & I were terrified in this moment. All the “what ifs” came flooding in & freezing my mind in an almost paralyzed state. As always, the Lord provided. We prayed and prayed. And the peace that surpasses understanding came over us. We knew that the future would still be uncertain (as it is for all our children), but we had confidence that we had acted on the call to adopt one of His children and that he would provide what we need along the way. 

And He has. So much grace has surrounded our family in the past month…

Our family coming & cleaning our home top to bottom & doing all our laundry when we returned. 

Meals. Food that has nourished our family in the past weeks from family & friends. 

Our kids’ friends inviting them to play for a well-needed break for them. 

Cards & notes of encouragement. 

Therapy friends giving advice on how to begin helping Katie Ann find her groove. 

And more…more than I can write. And I’m so thankful for all of you & the care you have shown our family. 

The joy of watching her blossom-watching her little personality start to show…AND the joy of watching Will, Clara & Fritz’s hearts grow in love & serving are an incredible blessing. 

Please know-it’s not perfect. WE are not perfect. But man…God is so so good. And perfect. And His love. It’s extravagant.