I don’t remember where I saw it first, but I saw this idea where you could have wooden peg dolls painted to look like your family. And I thought-this is a great idea for adoption! A toy you can practice so many things with. Like-this is mama & this is dada & they go together. And these are all the kids & they go together. And put ’em all together & what do you get…? Joy! (Ok & maybe some fun chaos!) 🙂

I have a way super talented friend who happens to live close by & happens to already paint things like wooden peg dolls (though previously more for sports family art) and she painted our family for me before we went to China! So I took them with us! And we get them out some & we start talking about family. And what ours (now hers) looks like. So here we are…the wooden peg Hagemeiers (note-Will is a tad short due to my hurry…):

Pretty fun, huh?! Thanks Michelle Gray! We LOVE them!! 

If anyone is ever interested in this for yourself or a gift for someone else-let me know & I’ll get her contact information to you!