a few exciting things have happened since I last posted anything here…

Will turned 10 years old. {which is both astonishing & wonderful}

He is growing into a handsome young man. We are grateful for everyday that we get to be his parents – and some of those days we are grateful for the awesome ways God is molding his heart to be sincere, compassionate & servant-minded…and other days we are just grateful for a new day to try again to show love & grace in action…and control our own tempers. 😉

Happy birthday Will! Thanks for loving your momma’s feeble attempt at the “mine craft” cake you requested. 

The big kids started back to school in kindergarten (Fritz), second grade (Clara) & fourth grade (Will). 

Things have been growing in the backyard…

Katie Ann reached the 3 month mark with us & started some of her therapies. 

And she & I have been busy trying to keep up with all the lunches, laundry & soccer games that are a part of this season. 

In this season of being so busy, so tired…at the end of the day when my feet & back ache & I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow…my flesh cries out, whines about fatigue. My mind wonders into self pity or grumpy bad attitude thoughts. And then sometimes the Lord brings to hyper focus the blessings I’m receiving in all this. In this beautiful mess. And although I can only hear in one ear, I HAVE one ear-that hears sweet little giggles & voices saying “I love you” and I HAVE legs that can run and a mind that can think. And I am not saying that if you don’t have those things that life isn’t good for you. But I’ve experienced what it is to have loss. And maybe you have too. And in loss you find what you HAVE. And I have much. And I’m grateful. Three years now cushion my memory of brain surgeries, feeding tubes & hospital rooms. Thank you Lord for more chances.