Today is our Katie Ann’s second birthday!  

Sweet daughter. You are so precious. You are growing…you grew almost an inch in the past 4 months. You love to play peek-a-boo, blow kisses & imitate us when we say “Hi there!” You are not yet walking on your own-you get very scared when we try, but you walk while holding onto & pushing the dining room chairs across the room all the time on your own! You eat most foods well and are learning to drink more through a straw. You love to “talk” and babble-especially in your car seat. You love your brothers & sisters & are excited to see them when we pick them up from school. 

Every night when I put you to bed, I sing Jesus Loves Me to you (and you giggle) & then I tell you that you are strong (getting stronger all the time!), you are brave (oh my yes dear-so brave to come across the ocean & learn so many new things!), that you are important (yes. Yes your little self is so very important.) and that you are SO loved. And it’s true. You are. You are learning to receive love too & there’s so much joy in that. We pray you will continue to grow & learn & feel loved. Happy birthday sweet Katie Ann!