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Guys, I am so blessed by this man. (Where we live now we’d say “y’all, I am so blessed by this man.”-because women are not guys) 😉 (I’m slowly learning…when in Rome…)

Really tho. Wow. I could not have drawn up plans for a more wonderful husband. God must really love me. I know He tells me He does in his book, but he also shows me over & over by the blessings He places in my life & Nick is by far one of the absolute greatest.

I remember telling our wonderful pastor who married us when he asked why I wanted to marry Nick that one reason was that he is a noble man. Now, I know & can tell you he is not perfect. But he strives to seek God’s will for himself & our family’s lives. “Seek first the kingdom of heaven.” Proverbs… Get wisdom!

Nick is a terrific daddy who is so loved & respected by his children. (Tho truly we do have times of struggle with parental respect-no “perfection” here.) they get so excited when he comes home from work. Fritzy runs & hugs him around the leg. Nick is intentional about spending quality & educational time with our kids, but also makes time for cuddles.

I know if you have read this blog over the summer with our/my medical journey that you know he is a very loving & dedicated husband. For all this I am so thankful. Happy birthday love! If The Lord wills it, I pray for many more years together!




Some of the birthday treats. Will post some of these recipes another time…


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