We are so thankful to be home. ALL TOGETHER. It was a long journey from Guangzhou China to Johnson City, TN. About 31 hours in total. Sooo glad those hours are done. And happy to be sleeping in our own beds. Well…attempting sleep. Jet lag is for REAL. And really hard. 

Thank you so much for your outpouring of love & support through this part of the journey…the going. We appreciate the sweet notes & comments and enjoy reading each one. Thank you!!

If you would like to pray for us – a few specific requests would be for good sleep, for all to adjust soon to the time zone we live in, for the big kids as they enjoy their last couple days of school & for our family to continue to bond together & find our new “normal”. 

Thank you friends! Will write more later as we (have more energy) & continue to process what we saw & experienced in China & through adoption. 

We’re anxious to get home and honestly a little overwhelmed by the 15+ hour flight from Hong Kong tomorrow.  We head out from our hotel at 6am, drive in a van 3 hours to Hong Kong, do the customs thing and then head US way at 1:30pm. So we start heading your way at 6pm Thursday your time and should arrive home around midnight Friday your time. Whewee. We’re blessed to have parents heading to TN to make the transition easier. Prayers for safe travels and for the kids to handle it ok would be wonderful. 

Today was pretty low key. We slept in, ate breakfast, got group pics taken at 10:30, had a departure meeting at 11, and then Molly and Will headed out on the town with Jason to wrap up some shopping for souveniers. Fritz, Clara, Katie Ann, and I did the McDonalds thing for hopefully the last time in awhile. After W and M returned, we walked around a bit, met with the group to get the kiddos’ visas to get to the U.S., and said goodbye to three of the groups who headed to HK or will be heading there earlier than us in the morning. It was pretty emotional. There’s comfort in having several others around you that are walking the same walk you’re walking. We will miss them and hope to stay in touch with them. They were all very gracious with Will, Clara, and Fritz.  Simply put, we had a great group. 

Here are some pics from today…

KA in her pretty dress  
The adopted kiddos in our group…  
The whole group…

This evening we packed, got some room service for supper, played some chess, watched some National Geographic, and prepped for tomorrow.  We are very very ready to be home!

Will mentioned just a few minutes ago that it’ll be nice to not worry about drinking water from the faucet. Little things that we take for granted  ūüôā

KA did ok drinking today. Not normal but ok. The transition to non-sugary formula and/or no formula will be a toughy. We saved that for home. But she’s really broadened her eating horizons in a few short days with us. It’s been cool to see. She continues to get stronger and is more alert every day. We’re excited to show her cheesy grin off :). Now there are white teeth in her mouth as opposed to mostly black teeth 10 days ago. It’s hard to describe what some family love can do. It truly is a great depiction of what Christ did for us.  I knew that beforehand but living it has most certainly driven the point home.  Thanks again for the many many ways in which you have supported us. YOU have played a part in bringing Katie Ann home. And for that, the 6 of us are indebted and grateful. We will try to check in Saturday!


The Hagemeiers 

I often wonder what’s going on inside Katie Ann’s little mind. Her world has been rocked. Sometimes she seems like she thinks it’s a pretty sweet deal. Other times it’s hard to tell. I think she’s young enough and delayed enough that she didn’t grieve much. At least it didn’t appear she grieved. But one thing has really changed over the last 9 days…her yearning to be held. She REALLY likes to be held now. If she is put down, she wails loudly and does that “not sure if she’s gonna breathe in again” cry. It really is exhausting to listen to and she’s exhausting to hold.  Plus she’s a hot little chick in a hot and humid city, so after about 5 minutes of holding her I’m a sweaty beast. But you can’t fault her…being held feels pretty darn good most of the time. Going without for nearly 2 years has to be life changing. Hard to imagine. So we’re doing our best to hold her and hold it together. We’re ready for home. I ask for prayers for Molly for peace and patience. And for me to know how to best help her these next couple days. Thanks in advance for those prayers.  

KA in her favorite place 

Today we got up early and went to the U.S. Consulate to apply for KA’s visa. I learned today that the U.S. Consulate in GZ is the busiest US Consulate in the world. They grant about 2000 visas per day, 24 of which are for kiddos being adopted. We got through the lines of folks outside, got our passports checked, got through security, and then waited like in the license branch. When they called our number, we handed in all of our paperwork and then took a seat again to wait to speak with an officer. A little while later, we spoke with her, she verified KA’s medical conditions with us and then told us we were good to go and could get her visa tomorrow. Pretty simple really. No photos allowed so none to share. 

This is Fritz with our awesome CCAI rep Jason. They were Twinkies today. Fritz thought that was fun ūüôā

After the consulate trip, we went to a pearl market and to an 8 story toy and souvenier market. 

This pic is Will with the free pearl they gave him to show his class at school when he gets back :). He was way pumped. 

Kiddos having the snack that smiles back for a treat.   
The souvenier place was too flea market like for me. Kind of drove me nuts. We were hungry, wet from rain, and tired. Not a good combo.  However we were able to get several gifts purchased. Hope to finish up shopping tomorrow. 

This is M in the little dress shop ūüôā

 We got back to the hotel around 2, grabbed some McDs and ate in the room. I ran 30 minutes on the treadmill and then M and C went to the jacuzzi. The jacuzzis are in the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Kinda different. The gent’s jacuzzi is out of order. Bummer for Will and Fritz.

This evening we ate dinner at the buffet place in the hotel. Fritz tried boiled shrimp for the first time. He liked them :). Ate one tail with the shell on before we could tell him differently :). Cracked Will up. These shrimp were eyeballs and everything. Made for interesting dinner conversation. 

We watched a little bit of the movie Brave and called it a night. KA would crack up when the other kids cracked up. 

KA didn’t do a very good job taking in liquids today. We’re a little concerned about that because she’s been a little constipated anyway. Prayers for good liquid intake tomorrow and a good poop are appreciated. 
Look forward to seeing many of you soon!  

We’ve been busy the last couple days despite not having many adoption appointments. Have also had VPN troubles that have hindered getting to post blogs. 


Katie Ann had her visa medical appointment. Molly took her and I stayed with Will, Clara and Fritzy.  KA did fine.  No big concerns noted by the doctors. 

The oldest three and I did breakfast, played some foosball, and went swimming. We had a dandy time.  Will got stuck in the little kid play land tube ūüôā

Molly and Clara got manicures in the afternoon and the rest of us hung out in the hotel room and learned about monkeys in India on the National Geographic channel. Fun educational stuff ūüėČ

In the evening we did a Pearl River Cruise. The Pearl River is the 4th longest river in China. Is goes right through GZ. 



It was really neat to see the amazing  architecture in the city. The highlight was the Canton Tower which is (I think) the third tallest building in the world. About 2000 feet I think. It is a sight to behold. 
We got home late but had a great time. KA got to eat her first Papa Johns pizza. She liked it. Good thing because we get it at home about every Friday night. 

Some pics from the day…

The little waterfall at the hotel 


Sunning kiddos. We picked up an extra little friend named Rachel 2nd from the right.  

Clara holding her buddy Emily


Fritzy loving on his sis. He really is head overs heels for her.    

Today we took a tour of GZ in the morning. We visited a Buddhist temple, the Chen museum and a shopping place. It was HOT and HUMID. We were soaked. KA had some dandy hair. 

The temple was neat and big. 13 stories…1200 years old…and leaning to the left a little bit.  

The Chen museum was neat but stressful. We lost Will for a bit, were trying to figure out what to buy for whom, and therefore really didn’t get to see much of the museum stuff. Win some and lose some. {Keeping it real folks.}

The shopping place was ok as well. Bought a little jade, some gifts, and some tea. 

We regrouped in the afternoon, grabbed some McDonalds for lunch and headed to the pool to get KA her first swim. She loved it!  So did the other kiddos. Fritz learned how to hold his breath under water and wave to whoever would wave at him :). Big stuff. 


We got showers, KA took a nap, and we headed with some members of our group to Shamian Island, an interesting Charleston SC-like “island” on the Pearl River. 

Will talking to some of the statues

It really is different architecturally from the rest of GZ we’ve seen. Had a good time and a good Western meal at Lucy’s. 

Got a great mocha frap at the coolest (both literally and figuratively) two-story Starbucks I’ve seen.  

All in all its been a good couple of days. We’re ready to come home : ).  All of our crew is doing well. KA is eating good and trying new stuff every day. Fritz learned tonight at Lucy’s that he actually DOES like French fries. :). Been trying to tell him they’re delicious for years now. 

Tomorrow bright and early we have our U.S. Consulate appointment to get KA’s visa to come to the U.S.  That will be the last appointment. Hooray!  We look forward to sharing how that goes. Thanks for loving on us and praying for us during this trip. Love to all.

Nick, Molly, and Crew

We are now in Guangzhou (GZ), about 920 miles south of where we used to be in Zhengzhou. Getting here just plain stunk and is the reason we weren’t able to update the blog last night. ¬†We checked out of our awesome hotel room in Zhengzhou at 11:30a yesterday and headed to the lobby to get on the van to the airport. ¬†Bad news…flight was cancelled. ¬†The weather in GZ had been bad Friday and Saturday. ¬†99% of flights were delayed or cancelled. ¬†While CCAI tried to figure out how to get us on a different flight, we hung out in the lobby and got some lunch. ¬†At about 2p, we headed to the airport, and said goodbye to our wonderful CCAI rep Rita,knowing that we got on a different flight but having no idea when it would be leaving.


We sat around in the crowded airport, on display for all of the Zhengzhou travelers to see. ¬†We really stuck out in there. ¬†Fairly certain we were the only non-Asian folks among the thousands of folks there. ¬†It’s an interesting situation in a culture that is perfectly fine with staring for long periods. ¬†They’ll even come up and stare in your personal space. ¬†Add 5 little newly adopted Chinese kids in to the mix and we just looked plain weird and interesting. ¬†One older gentleman came up to Will, grabbed his arm and started talking some serious language to him. ¬†Had no idea what he was saying. ¬†Our guide Rita said he wanted to know why Will wasn’t in school. ¬†He was really being friendly. : )

Long day in the airport. ¬†They would have announcements in English, but there were so many interruption announcements to provide updated flight information that the most we’d get was “May I have your attention please…” and then it would switch back to Chinese. ¬†We ended up leaving Zhengzhou at 9:10pm. ¬†The little ones were pretty miserable, so the parents were too. ¬†Katie Ann did an OK job of sleeping in the carrier. ¬† We arrived in GZ a little after 11p and got to the hotel at about 1am. ¬†Will and Fritz were a mess. ¬†Fritzy sleeps hard. ¬†He fell asleep on the airplane and was a bear to wake up. ¬†He was the crying kid…not one of the little newly adopted kiddos. ¬†Will was convinced he was going to throw up on the bus ride to the hotel, so we got him double bagged and ready to hurl. ¬†Fun stuff. ¬†; ) ¬†He ended up not getting sick. ¬†Clara was a trooper. ¬†Our room in GZ is much smaller and just not as nice as our hotel was in Zhengzhou. ¬†That isn’t that big of a deal, but at 1am, it seemed like a big deal. ¬†We got the room organized so it would hold 6 of us and got the kids in bed at about 2am. ¬†KA cried for what seemed like forever. ¬†She was a hot mess, and we were too. ¬†We all decided that day we could have done without, but it’ll be a good story one of these days.

We woke up this morning at about 9 for a paperwork meeting at 10a. ¬†Molly got breakfast and headed to the meeting and I got the kids through breakfast. ¬†I felt like I could conquer the world after getting all 4 of them through a huge buffet we’d never seen. : ) ¬†W, C, and F did an awesome job of showing how responsible they could be and helping each other out. ¬†It was fun to see and was a big success. ¬†They had French Toast, which was a big hit.

We walked around the hotel shopping area a bit, got a treat at the Starbucks in the hotel, scoped out the fitness area and the pool, played a game of foosball, and spent the afternoon in the room chilling.  We went with most of the group to a local restaurant that served Cantonese style food.


I think everyone was a fan except Fritz.  Fritz tried a noodle and an egg tart.  Otherwise, he just drank Coke and Sprite : )  Good balanced dinner : )  They had big holding tanks for huge fish, crabs, lobsters, turtles, and eels, so the kids thought that was cool.


We returned to the hotel, got everybody baths and showers, listened to the kids’ music playlist, played some games, and watched some soccer and track and field stuff on TV. ¬†Overall a good day after a rough one yesterday.

Updates on kiddos…KA is getting stronger everyday…and more clingy. ¬†She really likes to be held now and seems to have bonded pretty good with Molly and me. ¬†Her smile is just plain wonderful. ¬†: ) ¬†It seems she comes more and more to life every day. ¬†Layers are being peeled back, and it’s cool to see already.


Can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned this in another post, but Molly and I both think this has been a big growing experience for Will. ¬†He’s done a great job of being responsible, taking care of his siblings, and serving others joyfully.

Will taking care of Katie Ann for a bit


It’s been fun to witness. ¬†Clara has struggled a bit with obedience and figuring out who she’s going to serve but has really been a big help to some of the other families and their children. ¬†She’s happy to play with them, and I think that’s made the transition a little easier for them.

Clara helping out with one of the kiddos named Chloe


Fritz has been Fritz…goofy, and overall joyful. ¬†He loves KA dearly and has his hands all over her : ) ¬†All have had their moments (including Molly and me), but it’s been a great bonding time and together time for all. ¬†Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

We were out on the town today in Zhengzhou.  Katie Ann was looking fine : )



We got going at around 9:30a, made a pit stop at Starbucks and began our trek to the park. ¬†We took our feet, an elevator, an escalator, and a subway to get there. ¬†That’s four ways to get from here to there if you’re counting. ¬†The park was pretty cool. ¬†We saw grass, which is hard to come by around here, flowers, trees, fish, a goose, and several neat birds (in cages). ¬†The park has a little carnival in it. ¬†Here are some pics from that…

Will in his bumper car


Fritz and his chauffeur


F and C getting some driving practice and actually NOT driving each other crazy


The crew at the park


Fritzy was way pumped about seeing these birds that look just like one of the pet mascots, Chippy, at his pre-school.  Ms. Crystal, this picture is for you : )


The park also had a lake in it with many lily pads…and paddle boats. ¬†W, C F, and I got a good leg workout…really just me and Will I guess. ¬†They loved it.



Mommy and KA bonding while we paddle


So, we added bumper cars and paddle boats to our ways to get from here to there at the park. We ate at McDonalds because it’s right across from the park and it’s Fritzy’s favorite place in the world I think. ¬†The fries are awesome here too! ¬†After that, we headed back to the hotel to regroup and then headed to the Henan Provincial Museum with two other couples in our group.


We took a taxi to get there (mode of transportation #7 for the day). ¬†The museum explains the history of the Henan Province – Katie Ann’s province. ¬†It was pretty cool. ¬†Probably the neatest thing for the kids was getting to make a print of calligraphy in the Master Hsing Yun exhibit. ¬†The people helping were really excited to help the kids. ¬†Multiple people stopped to take pics of the white kid foreigners : )




A photographer there wanted Will to get his pic taken with one of the exhibit workers, and he wanted Will to hold up his print. ¬†It cracked me up because the guy took the print out of Will’s hands and turned it 90 degrees so it was upright. ¬†Had no idea : ) ¬†The photographer was cracking up too.

We got back to the hotel at around 5pm and hung out with the other families. ¬†Katie Ann did pretty well today. ¬†She was in the carrier or being held alot, which is tough on everybody. ¬†She is sleeping pretty well once she gets there. ¬†Seems the crying fits get longer every night before she falls asleep. ¬†Big news today is that we received KA’s Chinese passport, a necessary step to get her visa to come to the US. ¬†Twelve thumbs up for that! ¬†We head to Guangzhou tomorrow afternoon. ¬†The consensus among the group is that we’d be just fine with heading home tomorrow. ¬†It’s a long time to be away. ¬†We’re ready for really blue skies, small town life, and the familiar things of home.

So we got from here to there via 7 modes of transportation today. ¬†The kids were pretty impressed with that. ¬†Several firsts in there too for them. ¬†I think I’ve mentioned before that the people we meet here are very nice. ¬†Today confirmed that as more people chatted with us and took Clara’s picture. ¬†: ) ¬†We had one taxi experience where the guy just refused to take us where we needed to go. ¬†Not sure if he didn’t like the adoption thing (he read this little card we wear around our neck so people don’t come up to us and try to steal our Chinese kids), didn’t want our kiddos in his car, or didn’t know where the Hilton was. ¬†It caught us off guard for sure. ¬†But we made it back. ¬†China is a neat place, and Zhengzhou has been no exception. ¬†It’s been a blessing to hang out here for a week. ¬†On to the next place! ¬†One week til home!

As I’m writing this, Katie Ann is laying in her crib screaming her head off. ¬†Has been for about 15 minutes. ¬†When we try to console her she goes nuts flailing her body against the crib. ¬†Fun stuff. ¬†We think maybe she’s figuring out she wants to keep us around and she’s afraid we might leave. ¬†Hard telling what’s going through that little mind of hers. ¬†She just quieted down. ¬†Yay!

Her life is changing in big ways.   Today she had what might very well be her first taste of pizza and her first ice cream.

Let’s clap for pizza!


First Hagemeier ice cream


Molly and I think we just need to get her a taste of a Krispy Kreme and she’ll be good to go. ¬†: ) ¬†When we got her, her teeth (and breath) were disgusting. ¬†Her teeth were black and obviously hadn’t been brushed in quite some time…if ever. ¬†We started brushing them, and she hates it with a passion. ¬†Takes two of us to get a toothbrush in her mouth most times. ¬†However, her teeth are looking much better and are mostly white now. ¬†We’ll see what Dr. Mike has to say about them when we get back to JC.

Here’s an update on what she can do…she can army crawl like a champ. ¬†She can also crawl normally, but chooses to army crawl most of the time. ¬†She can’t walk, but can stand holding on to something and even walk a bit along her crib. ¬†She babbles a little bit. ¬†She can grunt really well : )


She’s wimpy (low tone in Molly’s PT terms) and lazy. ¬†She will cry and protest when we give her a little treat to put in her mouth. ¬†She rarely gets food to her mouth by herself. ¬†However, she’s happy to eat something if we put it in her yapper for her. ¬†She can cry a dandy cry…and we think that cry got her what she wanted in the orphanage. ¬†She undoubtedly has many crying days ahead. ¬†Probably us too!

Today was a pretty low key day here. ¬†KA woke up the crew at about 6:30. ¬†We had breakfast in the hotel as usual and then hung out in the room for a bit. ¬†KA was tired so I took W, C, and F to Fivebucks (aka Starbucks) for a hot chocolate treat (and an Americano for me. ¬†M stayed with KA to do a little laundry and read a book. ¬†Side story…the other day I went in and before I could say that I wanted coffee, the barista whose name tag reads “Beeper” asked me if I wanted an Americano. ¬†I said sure : ) ¬†I must have the Americano look : ) ¬†I also bought a Zhengzhou Starbucks mug to use in my office. ¬†Thought that might be a good way to talk about adoption with others and think about it daily. ¬†The four of us then walked back to the hotel lobby and drank our treats. ¬†We then went to the fitness center where they have a really nice ping pong table. ¬†Will and I played for a couple hours while Clara and Fritz played exercise, hot chocolate delivery boy, and several other games. ¬†It was a dandy time.

Fritz being silly under the ping pong table


The boys doing push-ups


Fritz working on his meditation amongst the medicine balls ; )


Will and I walked to KFC to grab lunch for the crew and stopped at a bakery to get treats.  We then hung out in the hall with the other families here with us (5 total).  The kids played and had a good time.  The other families are simply wonderful.  They have been very gracious with our kiddos (W, C, and F are the only ones on the trip).  All five adopted kids seem to be doing well.

In the afternoon we walked across the street with one other family and played in a little urban park. ¬†It wasn’t a park like we’re used to, but it got us out of the hotel room a bit.

Clara and Will on the ellipticals in the park


Clara being a great helper with Chloe, another adopted child


We then ate at Pizza Hut (pizza for the third night in a row…and it still tastes good), stopped by Wal-Mart, grabbed ice cream sundaes at the Burger King, and walked back to the hotel. ¬†It continues to amaze me how many folks stare at us. ¬†Clara got her hair played with at least once today. ¬†The people we’ve encountered have been very pleasant. ¬†If you smile at them, they typically smile back, and/or try out some English. ¬†: )

It was a good day. Hope to do a couple touristy things tomorrow…our last day in Zhengzhou. ¬†Change is a good thing. ¬†God calls us to be molded to the likeness of Jesus. ¬†That molding requires change. ¬†And change is often hard. ¬†Adopting Katie Ann will be a huge blessing to her (hopefully) and undoubtedly to us and others. ¬†Our family has been changed and will continue to be in the coming days, months, and years. ¬†I’m excited about the change, and ask for prayers for all of us that we struggle in a God-honoring and mighty way in the process.


The road to Nanyang is long. ¬†We left this morning at 8:30 to travel 3.5 hours to Nanyang, the city in which Katie Ann’s orphanage is located, and the city in which she was abandoned. ¬†We had to go to apply for KA’s Chinese passport, which we need to take her with us. ¬†We got back to the hotel this evening a little after 7pm. ¬†It was a long day for everyone. ¬†Will, Clara, and Fritz were troopers. ¬†They played enough iPad today to last them for months : )


We got out in to the countryside on our way to and from Zhengzhou.  It was interesting to see the contrasts between big city life in Beijing, Zhengzhou, and Nanyang, and the farmer folks who were busy in their fields tending to wheat and a few other crops.

Our first stop in Nanyang was a supermarket with our CCAI rep Tina. ¬†We picked out some lunch stuff. ¬†I’m guessing we batted about .250. ¬†The kids didn’t like much of anything they picked out. ¬†I picked out some cookies that looked like the bomb but they weren’t really good either : /. ¬†After we had picked out everything we wanted, Tina picked out some sweet bread that was really good. ¬†She told us that all the chatter around us was folks saying, “Look! Foreigners!” ¬†It’s pretty interesting and honestly pretty cool to get out of our comfort zones a bit. ¬†The communication has been interesting. ¬†Molly is a lot better at it than me, but I’m catching on. ¬†I wouldn’t want to take her on in a game of Pictionary. ¬†: )

We then went to the passport picture taking booth and had to wait about an hour in a waiting room that looked like it’s supposed to be a serious place. ¬†The 4 kiddos made it less serious…and loud. ¬†We then went across the hall to sign a paper and get KA’s and my picture together. ¬†We gave the picture taker some Jonesborough, TN chocolates and went on our way.

Our next adventure was to Katie Ann’s finding spot. ¬†We don’t know the exact address but we drove (two times) the street where she was found. ¬†I took some pics from the van but they are on my camera. ¬†Not going to mess with that tonight. ¬†The kids – Clara in particular – struggled to come to terms with someone leaving a child on a street or sidewalk to be found. ¬†We then went to KA’s orphanage where we dropped off a van-back-seat-full of supplies.



The folks at the orphanage were genuinely pleased to receive the donation. ¬†Thanks again to all of you that donated to this cause. ¬†We then went to KA’s “room” at the orphanage. ¬†Molly and I hadn’t really planned on taking KA back in to her room. ¬†She’s young enough and delayed enough that we didn’t think it would be a big deal, but thought we’d play it safe and take turns seeing her room. ¬†Since we were delayed and in a hurry, we decided to all go in together. ¬†I’m glad we did. ¬†Katie Ann did fine. ¬†She was asleep when we went in, but perked right up when her nannies started shouting “Nuan Nuan!!”. ¬†It was fun to see. ¬†They thought her little purple shoes were awesome : ) ¬†We saw her buddies, saw her former bed, and got to talk with some of her caregivers. ¬†We were able to get a couple questions answered about her past medical history, which was really nice too.

This is close to KA’s bed


This is one of her buddies


The orphanage was emotional. There were so many cute, needy, little kiddos in there that need a mom and dad. ¬†Just makes your heart hurt, knowing that there’s a need unmet. ¬†I’m confident God has a plan for their lives, and they will find homes in time if that is God’s will for them. ¬†Still, it’s hard. ¬†You just want to take as many as will fit in the van and figure out the logistics on the way out of there. ¬†Will said, “Dad, this is sort of sad.” ¬†We didn’t get a chance to debrief but I look forward to doing so with him. ¬†I think it tugged at his heartstrings a bit too. ¬†That’s saying a lot if you know Will at all ¬†: )

We are spent. ¬†It was a long day on the road. ¬†Will fell asleep before Clara. ¬†I don’t recall the last time that happened. ¬†Clara likes her sleep and Will would just as soon skip sleep. ¬†Not so tonight : )


We now enter a short waiting phase…waiting to get KA’s passport. ¬†We should get it on Friday. ¬†The next couple days we hope to see a little more of Zhengzhou, visit a big park, maybe go to the aquarium, and hopefully hit the Starbucks more too ; ) ¬†Thanks for joining us on this ride. ¬†As far as prayers are concerned, prayers that Katie Ann would eat are welcome. ¬†Today she didn’t do a very good job. ¬†She is one stubborn chick. ¬†She has enough chub rolls to last her days but it wold make us feel better if she ate. ¬†Cheers friends.

N, M, W C, F, and KA

Clara and Katie Ann sported their matching Matilda Jane garb today as we headed back to the registration office to make the adoption official.


We signed all of the paperwork to make Katie Ann ours.  It was low key but also pretty neat to hear the official thank us for caring for their children.  He spoke in Chinese and our CCAI rep Rita gave us the English version.


We were back in our hotel room by about noon today. ¬†After some leftovers for lunch, I took Will, Clara, and Fritz swimming. ¬†Swim caps are required here. ¬†It was pretty funny seeing all of them dressed in their full swimming get up. ¬†Fritz’s hat kept sliding down his face and forcing his eyebrows over his eyes. ¬†Didn’t have my phone with me so no pics. ¬†Molly stayed with Katie Ann while she took a 3 hour nap. ¬†This evening Molly went with Rita to Wal-Mart to buy supplies for Katie Ann’s orphanage. ¬†They needed diapers and formula, so that’s what they got! ¬†Thanks to all of you who donated in some way to the orphanage. ¬†We ended up not having to pay for the additional bag of donations we brought, so Molly was able to buy over $400 worth of supplies that will serve Katie Ann’s little buddies well.

Today was a little tougher than yesterday as far as KA is concerned. ¬†She was much more of a crier today. ¬†Not horrible, but she let it be known that her world has been rocked. ¬†She wouldn’t take her bottles for most of the day. ¬†She finally did get a couple down this evening. ¬†She also got to eat some real food too! ¬†I think she liked everything she had, minus the yogurt at breakfast. ¬†She ate the congee (think rice oatmeal) like a champ!


Tomorrow will be a long day as we travel 3.5 hours one-way to Nanyang where Katie Ann’s orphanage is located. ¬†We have to go there to apply for her Chinese passport. ¬†We will hopefully be able to see the orphanage as well. ¬†It’ll undoubtedly be an interesting experience.

Thank you for your prayers! They mean so much to us! Would like to ask for continued prayers regarding rest/good sleep and health for all.

Miss Katie Ann is with the Hagemeiers!


The transition from orphanage nanny to us went very smoothly.



She’s a pretty happy go lucky chickadee. ¬†Here’s hoping she sleeps well! ¬†She is very delayed as compared to the other kiddos who are in our group. ¬†We knew that coming in to it, but it’s been a little anxiety provoking in the here and now. ¬†I’ve reflected several times throughout this process, and in particular today, that following the path God is calling you down, even when it’s hard, is far better than following my own path.

Tomorrow she will officially be ours. ¬†Today we are really just her guardians. ¬†We head to the registration office at 9 in the morning and should have all paperwork finalized by around 11am. ¬†The kids are way pumped and have been awesome today. ¬†They have made the transition better for Katie Ann, keeping her entertained and loving on her. ¬†She’s getting a full dose of in-your-face siblinghood : ) ¬†She got her first bath with us, got tons of smooches, got some clean clothes, got fed a bottle from her big brother Fritzy, and most likely watched her first iPad movie. ¬†Not a bad day!




We ask for prayers for a few things specifically…1) Katie Ann has quite a bit of congestion and a yucky cough. ¬†The orphanage says she has been getting sick over the last couple days. ¬†Please pray for health for her and that we can avoid having to find a doctor here; 2) Please pray for good sleep for KA and for us too. ¬†Last night was really good and much needed. ¬†A smooth night tonight isn’t expected, but it would be cool!; 3) Please pray for peace and patience for Molly and I over the next couple days. ¬†We will need both!; and 4) Please pray for Will, Clara, and Fritz that they would be loving, joyful, and feel loved over these next couple days. ¬†Thanks for joining us on this journey and for your prayers!

Nick, Molly, Will, Clara, Fritz, and Katie Ann : )

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