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I have an old friend who does amazing things with her blog as ministry. One of the things I learned from her blog a year or two ago was that this thing called “The Cupcake Kids” existed. The Cupcake Kids started as a way for kids to support a ministry called SixtyFeet. This ministry seeks to bring hope & restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa in Jesus’ name. You can learn more at:

We have wanted to do a cupcake/bake sale for the cupcake kids since, but hadn’t mustered the courage. (I am so not gifted with sales…)

This past Saturday, Clara & I were given the chance to have a bake sale at her Upward Soccer program games. We were excited to hand out flyers & sell cupcakes. It was fun to see her eagerness to help other children. She had to warm up (she’s her mother’s daughter), but once she did, she made sure all the flyers were passed out.

We hope to continue to do this every year & encourage others to join in.
Please, take the time to check out SixtyFeet. See what they are up to & educate yourself on what’s really happening in the world. Maybe you aren’t as naive as I am. Maybe you already know about the fact that there are actually children in prisons. Not for crimes. Some yes, but many…no. Go look.


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