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I couldn’t find the Christmas gift tags that I was sure I had leftover from last year, so I decided we’d make some from stuff we already had. The inspiration for these came from a craft night with my local MOPS group. It ended up being a great activity for my 7 & almost 5 year olds.

1. I traced a gift tag shape several times onto an old paper shopping sack.
2. My 7 year old cut them out & punched a hole out near the top for the string.
3. I cut 1 length of twine (could also be some kind of string or ribbon) & my 7 year old cut enough lengths to match for all the tags he cut out. Then he gently tied them all after lacing them through the hole.
4. My 4 year old sorted through the jar of old buttons for sets of 3 that could make our snowmen. (She did this while the 7 yr old was busy with all the previous.)
5. I tied little bows out of embroidery floss we had. You could again use something different that’s small in scale. Make one for each tag.
6. My 4 year old glued on the buttons & bows in proper succession.
7. On tags that had small snowmen due to small buttons, we filled some empty space with a “Merry Christmas” stamp.
8. When they were completely dry, I flipped them over & wrote “to:” & “from:”
There you have it. ⛄


I don’t have a picture, but we also made some simple tags that my 4 year old & I stamped with various Christmas stamps, then when dry she colored with colored pencils. 🎄

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