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It has been on our hearts for some time that we’d like to adopt a child into our family. We actually had begun the process before we found out about my benign tumor last year. I think I started the application in September of 2011. (Almost 2 years ago!) Then we were led through, by God’s grace, the diagnosis, surgical removal & recovery from an acoustic neuroma. A little more than a year after completion of a series of three surgeries, I am fully recovered & we began to whisper around the house about the possibility of adoption again.

After some research & prayer, we decided to apply again, but this time through a different agency. Honestly, the first time the application took a long time to complete & a while to hear about its status. I really thought this would be similar. There are different processes, but we completed our application in 3 days. Then some additional paperwork was needed to confirm my health status due to the surgeries a year ago-again…I thought it would take a few days & miraculously it was completed in a few hours. So today the agency called me & officially approved our application! We are very excited & wanted to share this news with you! What this means is that we qualify to adopt from China & can move onto the next steps of “home study” (a social work lengthy document about our family) & the “dossier” (the formal paperwork that is submitted to the Chinese authorities.) We are thrilled & a little surprised about the swiftness. However, we thought that it would take more time & thus we’d have more time for saving… If The Lord wills it, it will be. This we are certain is true. Please be in prayer for us as we seek his best. I am seriously considering finding a job for the hours when Fritz will be in preschool soon. Please pray that I would find something that is flexible to our family’s needs.

James 1:27
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

The Lord blessed me with another year of life. Each day is a blessing. And I am so thankful for these days.
I cut my hair to even it up with my short hairs from surgery. Here it is:


Someone asked me the other day about if I felt fully recovered-and specifically about speech, swallow & hearing. I feel fully recovered. Two of my girls from my running group are running with me tomorrow (Saturday) in my first half marathon. It’s in Charlotte, NC. We are on our way now.
As for the other recovery items-I’ve adjusted pretty well to hearing with just my right ear. It’s harder with background noise, but I think I manage pretty well. Swallowing is fine, & my voice is normal enough. I don’t know that I can sing as well as before (not that it was great, but I can tell the difference).

Would love your prayers tomorrow morning as we run-for freedom from injury & a successful finish. Thanks friends!

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