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August 2nd 2005… The day my first baby was born. He was a little guy, 6 lb 6 oz, 19 3/4 inches long. But boy was he big in my heart.

A sweet little bundle


Fairly recently Will unloaded the dishwasher for me. Then he decided he wanted to organize the silverware drawer. As he meticulously arranged the forks in their different sizes, he discovered the small plastic container towards the back of the drawer. In it lives all the little medicine cups & syringes, etc. Will pulls out a syringe, holds it out to me & says with tilted head, “What is this for?! I know it’s not for shots…” I explained that they are used to give medicines to babies like Tylenol, etc. Will, “Well why do WE have them?” (In a ridiculous tone) And I told him, “Because we used to have babies. And they grew. And they grew and they grew.”

And that’s a true story folks. He grew. He is still growing in stature, in intelligence, in learning what it is to love, and in his faith in Jesus. Please join me in praying for my son the same prayer I prayed over him when he was in my belly. “Lord let this boy grow to know you, to love you & to serve you.”


Happy birthday Will! I can’t believe you are 8 years old! You could not be more loved, cherished or wanted. We thank God for granting us you as our son. XO

I’m sad I missed doing a post on Clara’s birthday. Hoping to catch up for that now. We are having a girl overnight trip with Granny Helen & Aunt Becca tonight/tomorrow to Atlanta for an American Girl doll store visit. This trip is intended to celebrate Clara’s 5th birthday. (Which was February 11th.) So it seems fitting to do it now.

Clara is a sweet & beautiful little girl. And I love her much! 💗


My mom used to tell me a little rhyme that I now tell Clara. And it’s also pretty accurate:
“there was a little girl with a curl,
That hung down on her forehead.
And when she was good,
she was very good.
And when she was bad,
She was horrid!


Clara (so we both can remember), you love all things pink. Your favorite food is spaghetti. You like to play with your dolls & to play dress up. You love your brothers. You are [mostly] sweet with your little Fritzy & you adore big brother Will & want to do whatever he is doing. You are a good helper. You love your daddy so much & often pray that “he could be done with work” so he could be home with you. Honestly sweetie, I’m glad your daddy goes to work & works hard for us. And I know you will too someday. 😉


And oh how she has taught me what grace looks like. Over and over. I mess up a lot. I lose it. She forgives me. She loves me. She hugs me & kisses my cheek. I remember once when she was working on making a necklace. She had spent a LOT of time carefully stringing little beads on a long strand. Meticulously putting them in special order as she chose each one. She asked me to come tie the ends when she had finished. I came to do just that, but when I started grab hold of the strands…I dropped it. And all her work tumbled to the floor. I about cried. Not Clara. She sweetly said, “it’s ok mommy. I can put them back on.” I totally thought she’d start screaming, crying, throwing a fit & rightfully so as I had just ruined her beautiful creation that took her a lengthy amount of time to complete. But no-she offered me grace. Sweet grace. By no means is she a perfect child. There’s no such thing. But my maker often shows me his love for me through examples & teachings from my children. And how sweet it is.


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