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Snow man pretzels are a favorite at our house & everyone wants some to take to school when it’s their turn for snack. These are not too difficult or too time consuming, but I will say they get faster/easier the more times you make them.
You’ll need white chocolate or candy coating like this:


Pretzel rods:


Mini chocolate chips for eyes & “buttons:”


Peach rings or other gummy rings for hat brims:


Gum drops for top of hats:


Fruit roll up type candy for scarves:


And finally a tube of orange gel “icing” for the noses:


Begin by melting some of the white stuff per package directions. I chose to do mine in the microwave in a 2 cup liquid measuring cup as I’ve found it to be the best size for coating my pretzel rods. I like to use a plastic spoon to stir & coat with for easier clean up later-one less thing to wash! After your white stuff is melty, dip one end of a pretzel rod into it & using a spoon or spatula, bring it up on the pretzel to cover most of it, just leaving a small part at the end to hold onto. Then remove it from the white stuff & after most drips are done, carefully lay it on a piece of wax paper. I like to do about 3 (so it starts to thicken/dry, but not too much so the choc chips won’t stick either) & then place 2 mini choc chips near the top for eyes & 3 down lower in a row for buttons. Like this:


When you’ve done all that you desire, gather some shortish glass cups if you have them handy as they’ll help you out for the next step. Next, fit a peach ring around the very top of the pretzel. Put a little dab of the white stuff on top in the “hole” of the ring (on the snowman’s head) then place a gum drop on it. Hold it for a couple seconds to let become slightly set, then carefully place in one of your glasses to let dry completely while you continue your fun. Like this:


Next make scarves. I used regular fruit roll ups. I unrolled them & then using kitchen shears, I cut each fruit roll up into 6 skinny pieces. Take one & wrap around the snowman’s “neck”- twisting at one side & apply slight pressure to the “knot” (twist) to sorta smoosh the fruit roll up & cause it to stay in place. Let the 2 ends sorta dangle to the side. Gently lay the snowmen back onto the wax paper as you dress them in their scarves. Finally, put a little dab of orange gel icing on as a nose & let dry. Like this:


And you’re done! Snowman army. Ready for first grade!!

Special thanks to Stef B for the inspiration for this snack a couple years ago! Brilliant woman-especially, but not limited to all things kitchen… & all things math! 😉

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