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Well, we made it. We didn’t have to walk. (Except for the two short times to take our “goos.” I can’t run & eat at the same time. Too hard to coordinate swallowing with breathing. And thus, that walking didn’t count.)

It was hard. My legs were tired. After while I had to think hard to keep my legs going because they were ready to be done. My girls encouraged me & were so sweet to wait on me when I was slower.

It is pretty amazing that I just started to run again about six and half months ago. That after relearning how to walk with altered balance after three surgeries on my head. What?! God is amazing. Really. Only he could do that. And I praise him for it. But I think I have to be careful to say that we praise him in the trials & in the outcomes no matter if the outcome is what we hoped for or desired. Because he is worthy of praise. One day when I am not here, I hope my family & friends will praise Jesus for me.


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