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Today is my momma’s last day of work at dear old Clinton Prairie High School. 36 years working in the same building, with many of the same dedicated staff & with many of the same families, generations really. That’s a long time folks. Most of my friends and probably most people in general have several different jobs, different employers over their working years. So I think it’s pretty outstanding when you come across someone like my mom.

Someone with dedication, compassion, drive, stick-to-it’d-ness, someone who really cares about kids. Cares about their families. Cares about their success. And who isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks or if you need a swift kick in the rear to get back on the right path. Because sometimes in life, we do need that – for someone to lovingly get our attention and guide us back.

Let me tell you a bit…ok brag a bit… (She’ll be horrified…) about what I remember about mom’s “work.” She worked long & extra unpaid hours on a nearly weekly basis. Being that CPHS is a small school, many times if you want something to happen, something to be better for a place…you have to do it yourself. And she did. She planned, organized special field trips for student groups she was advisor for. She did “extra” jobs like creating/organizing the school’s Prairie Planner which is no small feat to compile with all the various sports & clubs. Who knows how many cookies and brownies the woman has made for faculty & staff meetings/gifts/just because.

I remember lots of times being at home of an evening as a kid & the phone would ring…”Is Mrs. Robinson there?” (Robison, Robinson, Robeson…whatever!!) And it would be a parent with a concern about their child. And even though we were cooking supper or eating it or getting ready to run out the door for some activity, she would pause & patiently listen to them. Engage in thoughtful & caring conversation with them. Or if there was a phone call with a tragic event for one of her students-maybe a fire or an accident or a death…she dropped what she was doing and went. She went to be there & support & help however she could.

Her title was “Guidance Counselor,” but what she was in fact to many kids was “mom at school,” “college & career advisor,” “life coach,” “a listening ear,” “someone who cares.”

So as an alum of Clinton Prairie High School, thank you mom. Thank you for your many years of service to the families and to the students and to the staff at Clinton Prairie.

Love you! Happy retirement day!

Happy birthday to my son, Will. He made me a momma and has taught me more about life in the past 9 years than I knew a little (big) person could possibly do. The Lord has used you in my refining and I in yours and no doubt that will be a continual process for both of us. I love you more than you can know. I pray daily for you the prayer that I prayed over you in my womb-that you would grow to evermore know, love & serve our Lord Jesus Christ.
There are so many but here are a few of my favorite photos of you in the recent past. You have grown up so much in the past year & soon will be as tall or taller than me.














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