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So tomorrow night I am scheduled to have a follow up MRI of my head to check on things. It has been almost 6 months since my initial surgery to remove my acoustic neuroma. I have only had one other “conscious” MRI ever & that was the diagnostic one that I had in May of this year. I guess I had one at the OSU hospital after surgery, but I don’t remember it. Anywho…the one in May is not necessarily a fond memory. It went well, I just didn’t like it. I was surprised because I really didn’t anticipate that it would bother me. So I’m trying to “keep my cool” about the one tomorrow night. My mother would say “be proactive not reactive.”

Thought I’d share with you a couple photos. This one is of my left index finger/fingernail. If you look closely you can see a small ripple in the nail. It’s gone now, but this picture showed it right before it grew out. It was a physical reminder of the time that had passed since the initial surgery, July 2nd. The pulse ox machine that was taped to my finger must’ve been a lil tight. 😉 Crimped my nail bed, then grew out to show a ripple. My finger was actually numb for quite some time, but feels “normal” now. I am grateful for God’s grace to me. Reminded by a lil ripple.


This is supposed to be a picture showing my hair re-growth. You can see some pieces sticking out below/to the side of my pony tail. This was taken by Nick after an early morning run. So thankful for my running girls. 5:45 sure comes early, but I’m always glad when we are done. We ran 6 miles last Friday & that is the farthest I believe I have ever run. Those girls are crazy! Love them! 😉💗


I would really love any prayers for the MRI to go well tomorrow night. (Wed 8:15 pm) And that the MRI report would be “good” & “clear” of any re-growth, etc.

Will share any news/reports as I receive it.

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