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We go through quite a bit of toast at our house & thus, spread butter. We sorta got in the habit of liking the good stuff. For whatever reason, we aren’t really into margarine. We like butter. So true “whipped” butter that I have purchased at the store is quite difficult to spread if not set out for some time before use. So we started getting the butter with canola oil. It’s more expensive. Enough more expensive that I decided to try it on my own. Once again-the Kitchen Aid stand mixer earned its keep on my counter top. This is what works for us:
A 1 lb package of light butter like this:

(The back looks like this for label readers):


Unwrap the butter sticks & place in kitchen aid stand mixer bowl. Allow to soften/come to room temperature. With the beater attachment, beat the puddin out of it. Then, while the beater is at a low speed, slowly pour in a cup of canola oil such as this:


Next, slowly turn up the beater speed to a high speed. Stop once to scrape down the sides of the bowl. Return to high speed. It should not be so fast that the stuff is flying out of the bowl, but really fast. Let her go for a while. Be thankful that God invented the kitchen aid stand mixer & that your arm is not doing all that work. When it is sufficiently blended, turn it off. Pour your product into a plastic container that seals well. It will be fairly runny/liquid state at this point. Place sealed container in the fridge & allow to chill & firm. Pull out & use as needed for toast, etc.

Try it & see if you don’t find it tasty & feel yourself more frugal.

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